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10 Tips to Boost Your Brand From the Inside Out

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In this episode I reveal the biggest mistake entrepreneurs make when branding themselves.

And…the 10 tips to use to fix it now.

Visual branding is an important part of branding.  But, it’s the after.  Purposeful branding is the before. And if you are not being who you are when you begin the branding process, you can find yourself going no where fast Speed Racer.

Take a moment to slow it down.  Get to know yourself and get to know who you are talking to.  Find out what it takes to stay in the game.  Before you start any networking strategy to expose your brand, you must first brand from the inside out.

Before the Swoosh, before the “Just Do It” and before the red and white color element, Nike began with two entrepreneurs and a WHY, just like you.

What is the meaning behind your brand?

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