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Are you Humble or Hungry?

“…to be humble and hungry at the same time.” ` Howard Schultz

This is a quote delivered by Howard Schultz, CEO of Starbucks, during the Super Soul Sunday segment with Oprah Winfrey December 8, 2013. A 60 minute interview worth watching while trying to find balance between:

  • Being an Entrepreneur and a Business Owner – Wearing both crowns as the Innovator and the Financial Manager.
  • Your “why” for getting into business and your “reason” for staying in business – Building a tribe that believes in what you believe…and then, drive them to do as you do.
  • Inspiration and Motivation – How to ignite the SPARK when the LIGHT dwindles, and using “fear” to keep it BURNING.
  • Volunteering and Profiting – Knowing how to go from FREE to PAID and still provide lots of value in everything that you do (free or paid).

Click here for the full episode.

Don,t have time?  You can watch a small clip here…

So what are your thoughts and how do you find balance?  Share in the comment section below.

Denise Marie


10 Responses to Are you Humble or Hungry?

  1. Denise, I get the inspiration and motivation and i think this year that is the place i have been in with my followers. In the new year it is about the next step…going from free to profiting! This is a BIG step forward for me. 🙂

  2. “Its about love, passion, responsibility and leadership”. I love how he says them in that order, without love, there is no passion, without passion there couldn’t possibly be true responsibility, and I believe it takes all three of those ingredients to make a great leader. 🙂

  3. This is such a huge topic, finding balance! It seems we’re regularly struggling with it…I know I do! I think that for me it boils down to just reminding myself to pay attention to areas I tend to neglect…As an entrepreneur and mommy, I tend to throw most of my energy and focus there, but am then reminded to indulge in some self-care! YAY! It’s about *feeling* good and happy and being able to breathe… Thank you for this!!

    • Self-care is an issue entrepreneurs struggle with. We want to heal the world first. But that is not how we began our business. We began with wanting to improve our life first then others. I think we get so caught up in ‘doing business’ that we forget our why.

      Thanks for commenting!

  4. The past couple of months I’ve become a fan of Super Soul Sunday and when the CEO of Starbucks show was promoted, I kinda though ‘ho hum’. But you are right! It was fascinating to hear the story and how even the biggest companies go through times of losing their way. Thanks for reminding me today.

    My way to lead my clients into balance and to keep myself in balance is to ‘step away’. Regular breaks, even if only to walk the dog during the day, and better still a long weekend with no computer/social media etc. That little bit of distance allows me to see my work and business more clearly.

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