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Can a Great Product Sell Itself?

DRIVE your product to SUCCESS with the right MARKETING ROAD MAP.

I do agree that there are many great products and services out there that probably need very little selling power.

However, in order for your product to seel itself, people have to know it exists.  Your warm market: family, friends, colleagues and neighbors, can only keep you in business for the short term.

Then it’s on to your lukewarm market (family of friends and friends of family, colleagues and neighbors of friends and family).

Once you have exhausted both markets, your product won’t be able to sell itself anymore.  You need people to know that you, your business and your products does indeed exist.

You have to expose your product to the ‘other people’ who normally would not cross paths with you.  If you don’t your business will become stuck and your income will CEASE to INCREASE.  Marketing is a very necessary tool for selling your product.

Marketing is the Engine that Makes Your Business Run TWEET THIS

Think of your Product as the IGNITION.  It’s the beginning.  It is your amazing product or service that ignited you to start a business in the first place.

The Value of your product is the ACCELERATORValue accelerates your already outstanding product to stand out in front of its competitors.  Don’t be left in the dust!!

Selling is the STEERING WHEEL.  You have to steer your customer in the right direction.  Customers want to be led in the buying process.  This is why they ask questions and want suggestions.  They need your help.

Marketing is the ENGINE– it is the core of what drives your product to the people and the people to your product.  Without the marketing piece, the only people who will know about your product are the people in your warm market.  These are the people in the parking lot.  You don’t need to drive to get the warm market to notice you.  But you need to drive to get to the ‘other people’ (cold market) outside of the parking lot.

You need all of the above for your PRODUCT to SELL ITSELF continuously.

Product + Value + Marketing = Existence

Take the steps to develop a MARKETING ROAD MAP to prevent your business from crashing head on.  Don’t take a BACK SEAT to marketing your business.  Shift into HIGH GEAR, put the PEDAL TO THE METAL and JUMP-START your business with the right marketing strategy.

To be successful, you have to have your heart in your business, and your business in your heart.  ~Thomas Watson, Sr.


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