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How to Remove Marketing Blocks

Branding with an Open Heart Series – Lesson 3: Transformation Pursuing a life as an entrepreneur calls for the right mindset. With that said…understand that 75% of your business will be focused on marketing regardless of the type of business you choose. This is the mindset that you have to take on if you want… Continue Reading

Take Control of Your Destiny

Branding with an Open Heart Series – Lesson 1: Reinvention Entrepreneurs are in business to change lives: theirs and others. The days of lifelong employment are long gone and entrepreneurs are taking control of their destiny. This ever-changing world requires us to reinvent ourselves and our lives…sometimes more than once. While some of us have… Continue Reading

What is Your Intention?

If you are worried about pricing your products at a very low cost…remember you have to start somewhere to GET IN THE GAME and be recognized. Nike, Apple, Microsoft and Facebook began with entrepreneurs who wanted to make a difference. They focused on their intention and the money came later.  Entrepreneurs first, then Business Owners.… Continue Reading

Are you Humble or Hungry?

“…to be humble and hungry at the same time.” ` Howard Schultz This is a quote delivered by Howard Schultz, CEO of Starbucks, during the Super Soul Sunday segment with Oprah Winfrey December 8, 2013. A 60 minute interview worth watching while trying to find balance between: Being an Entrepreneur and a Business Owner –… Continue Reading

The 4 Types of Target Audiences That Subscribe to Your List [And Why You Should Be Worried About Them]

When you give a freebie as an opt-in exchange for your audiences information for list building, the freebie has to solve various needs.  Why?  Because within your audience you have 4 types of followers waiting to be served.  Your freebie should be targeted for all 4 types. And, when you target the 4 types of… Continue Reading