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Develop Your Own Personal Support System


Are you in need of a Personal Support System?

Moving to Georgia away from my family and friends was a little scary for me.  But I knew in my heart that changing my son’s environment from the “city that never sleeps’ to quiet and carefree was the best thing that I could do for him…for us.

I became homesick almost every month.  Plus I really wanted to start doing marketing workshops, and being such an introvert it was difficult to come out of my comfort zone and develop new relationships. Well, I finally did it by building my own personal support system first.  I first scheduled some time out for me.  I then narrowed down key people, family and friends, to talk to on a regular basis and as a result I was motivated to start my marketing workshops.

Starting a new business venture or project can be exciting.  It can also be very lonely if you don’t have anyone to share the excitement with.  You can find people to become part of your support system who will inspire you when you feel overwhelmed, motivate you when life gets in the way, or someone just to kick you in the butt and remind you of your “why” when you feel like giving up.

There will always be people in your life that won’t understand why you prefer to work for yourself and not someone else.  You can explain your reasons for wanting to get out of the rat race until you turn blue in the face.  The fact is not everyone will GET IT.  For the most part it is not because they don’t want to; sometimes it is their own fear of being left behind or not understanding your reason for doing so.  Some people feel the need to voice negative criticism as a way of hiding how they really feel inside.  Some actually think they are being helpful by giving you unwanted negative advice.

Moments like these can make even the most inspired and self-motivated entrepreneur want to give up before they start.

Does this sound familiar to you?

  • “Why would you do something like that? It’s not you.”
  • “You don’t know anything about building a business.”
  • “You don’t have the money or time to start this venture.”
  • “What about your family?  They are more important than some hobby.”
  • “I don’t want to hear any more about your business, it’s not important right now.”

Think about building a positive business support system to help your business grow substantially.

Business support systems can help you to maintain clarity, be consistent, and remain productive.  That is the recipe for PROGRESS.

If you have family members, friends or colleagues that have been giving you a hard time when you want to share the new business ideas you have, there are ways to handle these moments before you become saddened or start to believe in what they say.  You can STOP people from raining on your parade.

The first thing you can do to address the negative responses is to ask why they feel the way they do about you starting a business of your own.  You can even express how you feel when they respond to you so negatively.  Communicate and have a full understanding of where they are coming from.  Then, if they stick by their decision to not support you, at least you know not to discuss any details about your business with them whatsoever.

Second, begin to hang out with the people who are positive in your life.  Be extremely picky.  Find the support you will need when times become rough.  Know who will cheer you on, give you their shoulder to lean on and even shed a few tears.  Know the one who will always remind you of your why, even when you become distracted.

Join groups of like-minded individuals who have already started a business support system.  Or start one of your own in your community on websites such as, religious organizations or colleges just to name a few.   Connect with Facebook or LinkedIn groups.  Schedule weekly accountability sessions with your peers.  And if you cannot locate a support group to attend, make sure you check in with your personal support system regularly to keep you on track with your goals and talk about your failures and successes.

You will find that when you build a personal support system, be it small or large, anything becomes possible.

 “The key is to only keep company with people who uplift you, whose presence calls forth your best.” — Epictetus


Now that’s how we AMPLIFY!!

Amplifying your life and business to new heights.



Take Action:

  • Make a list of the people that have supported you in the past.
  • Contact them and tell them about your business venture.
  • On a scale of 1 – 10, 10 being the greatest support ever, rate them.
  • Now ask them if they would mind being a part of your accountability group, in case you need to reach out.
  • Make a schedule for each one based on their strengths to help you in your support system.  It can be once a week or monthly.  Schedule phone sessions or coffee meet ups.

Who knows, you just may inspire someone in your support system to join you in your journey to be free.

Tell us a situation when you required a support system in the comment section below.  We would love to know.


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