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Do You Have a Marketing Plan?


Do you ever find that when you work from a plan, things actually get done.

And, they get done fast.  I find with my own life of working from home and homeschooling my son, there are times when my head just gets rattled inside.  Sometimes I think I have it all together, in my head, only to find that I missed several items that should have been completed in a day, week or month.

Planning ahead always keeps me in check.  Whether its planning for a vacation, the next school year for my son, or my marketing plan for the year, working from a plan keeps me calm, cool and collect.

A marketing plan can help you define your marketing strategy within a certain period of time.

Implementing a plan — you have clear goals set and can also weed out what works well for you and your target audience and what does not.

Take note on the following ideas and helpful tips on designing a simple marketing plan for a year.

  1. Purchase a calendar that is solely used for your Marketing Plan ONLY.  You can also print 12 monthly calendars from your Outlook program or other software if you choose.
  2. Write down 3 to 5 marketing strategies you plan to use for each month.   Such as conducting workshops; social media (be specific: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest); guest writing on a blog; newsletters, guest speaking.
  3. Then schedule on each calendar which strategies you will use and when.  For instance: I hold my workshops twice a month on Saturdays;  I attend at least 3 networking groups a week where my target audience is gathered; I send out Bi-weekly Ezines; I do guest speaking at least once a month.  Don’t forget to schedule Special Events that you conduct or attend.
  4. Now, here comes the tricky part.  Estimate how many prospects you receive per strategy and how many clients you sign up per strategy.  Usually for each networking event I attend, I connect with 3 prospects and I sign 2 people to my Boot Camp.
  5. How many clients do you need to make your desired income?  I usually take no more than 20 clients for my Boot Camp per month.  But that still leaves room for me to fill my other programs.  For me that means I would need to schedule a minimum of 10 networking events per month to make my desired quota of Boot Campers.  And yet that is just from ONE marketing strategy.
  6. Continue to do these strategies for each month of the year switching it up a little to keep your strategies exciting and motivating.  You don’t want to get bored and give up.
  7. Make sure you come out of your comfort zone.  Schedule at least one marketing strategy per month that makes you feel uncomfortable.

Voila!!!  Now you have a FULL year marketing plan that is effective, efficient and most of all simple.  Of course it may need some tweaking as you go from month to month.  You don’t want to waste time on marketing strategies that don’t work.  However you do want put in the effort and time before giving up on a particular strategy, especially the strategies that take you out of your comfort zone.  You should expect to work a little harder on those.

“If you’re attacking your market from multiple positions and your competition isn’t, you have all the advantage and it will show up in your increased success and income.” — Jay Abraham


Let us know your strategic marketing plan this year in the comment section below.


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