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Give a Shout-Out to Your Support System in Your Time of Need

One issue that equals failure for most entrepreneurs who choose to start a business is not having a support system in place. Support systems help to keep your foundation solid…just in case you notice cracks in your pathway of business building.  Support systems help to fill in those cracks with love and understanding.

Support systems don’t have to be family, friends or colleagues. But, what you should have is a circle of people who do what you do and believe in YOU and your future success. People who, regardless of what you experience, how tough the journey may seem, or what the outcome may be, will always be in your corner to inspire you, keep you motivated, be honest and not judge you.

Find your support system and put their names and contact information in your smartphone. Put the list in your favorites so you can find it at any given moment and you aren’t scrolling through your contacts in urgent times of need. Call or meet with them on a regular basis. And, when you need to shout out your success, need a shoulder to cry on, or on the verge of giving up…place that call!!

Creating Your Own Support System:

Family – If you have a great support system available in your blood tribe, then great!! My sons totally get it.  They are fascinated when their mom jumps for joy because her month is booked with the most awesomeness clients around the world.

But, if you don’t, no worries. Hey, my mom still doesn’t know what I do online exactly.  But that’s Okay. It’s the support she gives me in other places of my life that counts.

Friends – They may not get you either, but maybe you can find a TRUE friend who can support you no matter what you do and what the outcome may be.  Someone who can share in your cheers and not-so-cheery moments.

Coaches – Some give free consultations.  It’s their way of letting you know that they know their stuff. And, if you feel like its a match…go ahead, invest in yourself.  You deserve it!

Entrepreneurs – Other people who do what you do, get what you do.  When things aren’t full of sparkles and glitter, reach out to this tribe of do-gooders. Entrepreneurs want to save the world — remember?

Business Owners – Beware when you go this route — oh, and dry your eyes.  Business Owners are practical thinkers. This is where you will find the kick-butt tough-love kind-of support. How do you know when you need it? When you have been digging in that bag full of excuses or leaning on a crutch for far too long.

Social Media Groups – I’ve connected with some nice, genuine people on social media just by engaging and helping authentically. And when I needed help, the favor was returned. I made a few friends around the world through social media. How cool is that? Just make sure you don’t post any private stuff in the comments or feeds. It can become embarrassing and icky.  If you need some extra support, take it offline. – One of my favorite places for support.  I have found homeschool family groups, single parent socials, and entrepreneur support systems here. There is nothing like meeting face-to-face over a cup of tea and some croissants. Yum!

And, Lastly, but never forgotten, our furry friends forever. Yes, my dog, Nal,a sticks to me like glue [I am always falling over her]. If I need a little time out from the world, she is always there for me. Nala, is an excellent listener!




So, tell me…what type of support system do you have in place? Please share in the comment section below.


23 Responses to Give a Shout-Out to Your Support System in Your Time of Need

  1. Oh yes, Denise, my support systems are a huge reason why I feel comfortable moving forward in this tenuous world of online business. My sisterhoods are what got me through the unsettling years of divorce and single-motherhood. I’ve got an online spiritual circle stronger than any church group I’ve ever been in. I have friends with whom I share good food and conversation and laughter. It takes a village to raise a child, but it also takes a community to be fully nourished as a woman.

    So, to all the women (and men) who’ve got my back in one way or another: Hands on heart, deep bow!

    • What you have is so very rare Cathy. I am so glad you have such a strong and spiritual support system. Thanks for sharing what having a supportive community is all about. And, kudos to you for acknowledging them.

  2. Denise, thanks for the reminders! I’ve been going through a very challenging time the last few months, and have called on support, which is not my norm. And it has been incredibly helpful in grounding and validating me. I also have a B-School mastermind group that meets in person every other week, and you’re right, the in-person meetings rock! So much gets done during that hour….way faster than any online group. Very nice post. 🙂

  3. I am blessed to have so many support systems. My family, my friends, a beloved 40+ Facebook group! a mastermind! and a collaborative workspace to which I belong. So grateful.

    • Hi Michelle! Yes I love the 40+ Facebook Group. It’s one of the most supportive online groups I am a part of. And, I feel blessed to have met you and all of the lovely and super-fantastic women in the group.


  4. Denise, this is so spot on. My life has completely shifted now that I’ve found a collective of entrepreneurs that have either been there, or are going through the same things I am. I adore my friends and family, but in many ways they can’t relate. Finding your “tribe” is essential!

  5. I am blessed to have the support of my husband, daughters and friends. They are a sounding board as well as a cheering squad. B-School and our wonderful 40 Over Group fills in the gap. It is so wonderful to be connected to a bunch of like-minded women who are amazingly capable and a great resource too! Just like you too, Denise! Thank you so much…

  6. Yes, supports systems are crucial but not always the easiest to come by. I have a friend who I met taking an online course two years ago and we still talk by Skype every two weeks – I don’t think we have missed a time! And I know about family, I don’t think my mother or sister have a clue as to what I do in my day!

  7. Denise, fantastic reminder. I am creating a new support system outside my family and close friends to support me in biz..and yes online support is an added dimension 🙂

  8. such an excellent reminder, denise. as i read, i could picture in my mind the supportive people in my life. my husband, my sons, a few best friends, an online homeschooling group, and a wonderful facebook group of entrepreneurs. and, of course, my cats. 🙂

  9. Thank you for this reminder. I am so grateful for the wonderful support system in my life. It really does take a village to raise a child and we are all truly in growing stages throughout life. My “village” is wonderful and helps me to stay grounded, sane, and on track.

  10. Denise this post is so timely. Why is it that “carers” have so much trouble asking for and acknowledging help? I so suffer from this and right now in my life I really need other people’s help. I am going to practice….

  11. My support system is so important & I love this post to remind us to give them the acknowledgment they deserve! The more supporters that I surround myself with the easier it becomes to share new ideas and execute them.

  12. My furry friend Reilly, guards me when I sleep when I’ve been working hard, and wont’ let the other furry one even in the room! She reminds me about love and how it comes in many forms. She tells me to keep my eyes open to see what is around me. She tells me that so much is available to me if I just stay open and look… it is then I will see. I know they are there, and when I put my head down and work, it’s not until I come up for air, that I sometimes remember… or when I push too hard, so that I exhaust myself and forget. Support systems. I think I will make a ritual around this. Deep bow Denise. xo thank you. (and thank you Reily!)

    • I understand your connection to Reilly. I love my Nala, and don’t know what I would do without her. When I go away, she gets so upset with me. She listens when know one else will and helps me to re-connect to life and love.

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