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Goal Setting for New Projects

Developing simple strategies to reach the ultimate goal.

Starting a new project can throw an unexpected monkey wrench in your Business schedule.

Suddenly, after running such a tight ship with your business, you are feeling off, your days seem longer, you are staying up late again, papers are all over the place and you are forgetting appointments.

Starting new projects can be exciting, especially, when it is in alignment with your personal goals.  But, how can you stop your new projects from taking over your life and rearranging your schedule?

Remember in middle school when your teacher gave your class tips before the state exam to ease the anxiety for the students in class.  Your teacher probably told you how to get through the test

very quickly without feeling so overwhelmed about not being able to answer the more difficult questions and completing the test on time.

Take test taking strategies and turn them into goal setting activities.

When you feel the slightest anxiety while embarking on a new project try using test taking strategies to get you moving in the right direction again.

Note how these easy test taking strategies are modified it into goal setting activities.

Test Strategy – Skim the test first.

Goal Setting – Write down what needs to be done. How many steps are involved in the process?


Test Strategy – Figure out how much time you have for each section of the test.

Goal Setting – Write down your deadline for the whole project and then figure out your deadline for each step.


Test Strategy – Do the easy questions first.

Goal Setting – Do the easy steps first, if you don’t have to go in order.


Test Strategy – Check off all of the questions you answered.

Goal Setting – Cross out the steps you completed and then check off the steps that you will need additional help with.

By systematizing your projects you can conquer the feeling of anxiety and stick to your schedule.

You can use the system above or develop one of your own.  New projects do not have to overwhelm you.  New projects should be motivating and fulfilling.  Take small steps and use short deadlines for each step.  As each step is completed, the larger goal will become that much closer to achieve.

It is not enough to take steps which may someday lead to a goal; each step must be itself a goal and a step likewise — Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


Are there any projects that you have right now that could use a system?  Share your step-by-step strategy in the comment section below.

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