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How To Build a Brand That Matters

Building Your Brand

It really bothers me when I see businesses built on the mere thought of just making a dollar bill.

Yes, of course in the end, we all want to have thriving successful businesses that help us to be financially free.  But there has to be more…

It’s time to be the game-changer…innovator.  Branding your business on, “I-need-to-make-some-money-so-I-will-start-a-business-and-sell-anything-to-anyone” is not going to be enough.  Not if you want to stand out from the crowd.  You have  to build on your why, rather than your reason.

A reason is your end goal: to be independent, to create wealth, to leave your boss, to be challenged, to be a leader, and the list goes on.  But to build a business on your why is so much more powerful and can have so much more longevity in the online business world.

To inspire, to motivate, to teach someone and anyone…somewhere and anywhere TWEETY THIS

Building your brand on your why gives meaning.  It anchors your passion with a purpose.  You become more driven to succeed.  It is no longer just about you.

Because we are all connected, every choice you make causes a ripple effect.  Now, wouldn’t it be nice if your choice caused positive ripples?

For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction — Newton’s Third Law of Motion

Consumers now want their money to matter.  They will support brands that are in alignment with their values and beliefs.  People genuinely want to give but usually don’t know how.

Design a brand with the solution your perfect client needs and add a genuine cause behind it.  Something you believe in, something your perfect client can believe in, something that can change a person, a community or the world.  Then, your perfect client can be a part of something bigger just by purchasing your product or service again and again.  You will be happy to give more and your perfect client would be happy to buy more.  It’s a deeply shared tingly sensation that is felt between the seller and the buyer.

Branding your business should create experiences for your perfect client.  Something they can remember and talk about in general conversation.  People want to feel-good and belong to a feel-good community.

Design a brand specifically for your perfect client and her cause. And…use it in every piece of marketing material that you have including business cards, website, brochures, your email signature, and an elevator speech.

What does she believe in?

What are her values?

Who does she want to help?

How would she feel after purchasing knowing that she helped a worthy cause?

Provide that special feeling for your perfect client and you have yourself a sustainable, long-lasting, and BRANDED FOR LIFE BUSINESS.



Take Action:

Make a list of your values and the causes that you believe in.

Then make a list of your perfect client’s values and causes that she believes in.

How can your business help a worthy cause that is in alignment with you, your business and your perfect client?


Does your business stand for a cause?  Share and leave your comments below.


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