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How to Easily Bond with Your Tribe through Blogging


Are you having trouble finding ideas to write about? Maybe you have a ‘thought’ that would be a great blog to write for your tribe. But you can’t quite form it into that 2000, 1500 or even 1000 word article the gurus tell you to do.  You know…because it is best for Google. You may have a writer’s block, busy with some other task at hand, or you just don’t feel like struggling with a long article that requires keywords, links and all of that SEO strategy stuff.

Blogging to attract an audience can be mind boggling with so many experts telling you to do this and to do that.  You may feel that it takes so much work to prepare one blog post to be ‘Google ready,” that it never gets written. But what about your tribe?

Your Tribe Wants to Know What You Are Thinking

Your blog posts do not always have to be 1000 plus words. Sometimes it can just be an image, a sentence, a 2 minute audio or a 5 minute video because you just have something to say at that very moment.

Use your blog as you brain dumping ground of ‘light bulb’ ideas, inspirational quotes and motivational tools for your tribe.

Sometimes I record my ideas. And, before I know it, I have enough blogs scheduled for a year. I may not be in the creative mood to put it into a full article…but I know that my tribe can use the information right away.

Journal Your Journey

Write your thoughts down as a diary of your daily life or a journal of lessons.

If you are using WordPress, brain dump, then save it as a draft post. You can also dump your thoughts in “Word” or “Pages” and save for a future blog post. When you are ready, come back to polish it up (grammar, spell check, links, SEO), and then schedule the post.

Stop waiting for that BIG idea to grow into 1000 words.  Your tribe will indeed benefit from the tidbits and small lessons that you have to offer.  Write for your tribe first, focus on what they want from you, then tweak for Google..if you want to. Your tribe will love you for it!

Be who you are.


Denise Marie

What struggles do you have with blogging? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

14 Responses to How to Easily Bond with Your Tribe through Blogging

    • It’s not written in stone Tania. But the ‘experts’ will argue that if you aren’t going to write often, then you should have some substance because Google likes lots of activity and and plenty of content.

  1. wonderful post, denise – love your idea of tidbits and small lessons. you were speaking my language when you wrote these words: “journal your journey.” i do morning pages (a la julia cameron) every day, and i’ve gleaned so many blog posts from those pages.

  2. Denise this is so true! We put so much pressure on ourselves to make each post “perfect” when sometimes it can be the smallest thing that lands with our list. Thanks for reminding me that simple is often better.

  3. I’m with April – the idea of journalling my journey is usually what ends up happening in my blog. While I have yet to even consider SEO, I am becoming more comfortable with just wrapping an idea into a readable nugget.

  4. I think this is great and a lot of people do have that overwhelm of thinking of the perfect post. I honestly think that people will connect with you more if everything is not perfected. How many people are perfect anyways. Write for your tribe, not for Google. Great post Denise!

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