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How to Prep Your Perfect Client for the Sale


Are you misinformed or confused about what freebies are supposed to do for your perfect client?  Have you ever received a really good freebie after opting in to a newsletter?  Are you still using it?

Sorry to break it to you, but it is not…

  • Just about getting your perfect clients to opt-in to your email newsletter (they can opt-in to your competitor’s newsletter also).
  • Just to get them to pay for your product after 7 to 10  emails of less than great value (they can get more from Google).
  • Just about getting to know who you are (they can read your about page and blog, plus follow you on social media).

Here is the reality check:  Your freebie is to prep your perfect client, (you know the one with the problem), for the sale.

Prepping – a preliminary or warm-up activity or event; trial run

How many opt-ins do you think your perfect client has signed up to?  How many in your industry are competing for your perfect client’s attention within their email InBox?  Your perfect clients are probably suffering with email overspill

See…not all of your perfect clients will purchase from you.  Some of your perfect clients will know right away that you are the ONE.  But, others are still trying to figure out who can best solve their problem…you or the other one showing up in their email InBox.

Having an opt-in gives you the chance to turn yourself into their ONLY problem solver.  So, how can you do this?

Prep you Perfect Client for the Kill

When it comes to your “freebie” offer you have to give as much of yourself as you can.  In other words…don’t be afraid to give your best products to your perfect clients early on.  Stop being stingy.  It’s not flattering.

If you are not attracting the customers you need to make a living, then you haven’t made your mark in your industry…yet.  Start giving more value than your competitors.  A lot more.  It’s about the law of supply and demand.  If you are just starting out, no one knows you exist and therefore you are not in demand.  And, if you want to stay in demand, keep increasing your value.

Here are a few freebies that I came across while surfing the internet:

  • 3 Simple Steps to Marketing
  • 7 Secrets to List Building
  • 5 Foods to Never Eat to Lose Weight

Guess what?  I am not trading my email address for things that I can Google WITHOUT opting in.

Giving it all you got!

Don’t just give a a little freebie report of why-did-I-waste-my-time-signing-up.  Give a valuable offer such as a 14-Day eCourse, 21-Day Challenge, 5-Day Video Workshop, series of eBooks, PDF worksheets, one-stop-shop multimedia bundles.

A possible response from a perfect client after they received your awesome freebie:

“Hey, that was a lot of good info, I was able to improve my life by this [open arms] much. I wonder what her PAID products are like. I bet I can solve my entire problem if I pay for it.”

The Freebie is the prerequisite to the sale…TWEET THIS

If the freebie is full of nothingness, why should anyone pay for anything you have to offer.

Your awesome paid product is the extension of your fabulous freebie. Once you give your best to your audience for free, you can then build your PAID products around it.

It’s a cycle that I call the Prep Principle!  And every time you put out a new service or product use it to prepare your audience for the slam dunk buying process.

If you would like to know more about the Prep Principle and how to use it to make lots of Moolah [money] check out my new program, The Money Lab.


Now, have you ever received a really good freebie?  Tell us about it in the comment section below.


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16 Responses to How to Prep Your Perfect Client for the Sale

  1. These are great ideas and valuable advice, Denise. As i move forward, I need to begin thinking about building a newsletter, an e-course and a few e-books. I am not quite sure where to begin but you know, our blogging group is chock full of wonderful, smart ladies that can help me when the time comes! 🙂

  2. Great piece — “stop being stingy”, definitely! I’m all about paying it forward and adding value for clients before they even become clients. (It works!)

  3. There’s so much ‘free stuff’ available that it can be overwhelming. I love the comment ‘stop being stingy’ … if you can’t give away some quality then don’t bother. The bottom line is to be of service. Love this!

  4. As someone who is just starting out this is an interesting view. Definitely something I will keep in mind as I started to create and build my portfolio of products and services. The law of reciprocity. Cx

  5. Denise, I love how you go straight to the point, your honesty is golden. So many times I see myself thinking: Why would I even want this freebie? Or if it seems to be awesome, there is this other part: Is it all you got? once I go through it. This post is a great reminder that zero money value put on a freebie is not equal to zero income, if the freebie rocks, the value of it is the life value of the client!

  6. Well, if that didn’t narrow it down for me I don’t know what else will! I’ve been thinking of what to offer my clients in an opt-in and this post really helped me to make some decisions!! Thanks so much!!!

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