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How to Remove Marketing Blocks

Branding with an Open Heart Series – Lesson 3: Transformation

Pursuing a life as an entrepreneur calls for the right mindset. With that said…understand that 75% of your business will be focused on marketing regardless of the type of business you choose.

This is the mindset that you have to take on if you want to succeed in your industry. You are a marketer first, and your business development comes second. Without exposing your brand, you will not have anyone to sell to.

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Removing the Marketing Blocks

A marketing block is any obstacle that can get in your way of having a successful business [including physical, mental and emotional blockage]. To be successful in your journey towards entrepreneurship it’s vital to start off with a healthy beginning and a solid foundation. Otherwise, you will find that whatever blockages you have in your personal life…will surely trickle down into your business.

Below you will find a series of simple exercises to help remove any negative feelings that may be harboring inside of you. There is no doubt you will experience some bumps and bruises along the way. But, you want to continue to build a solid foundation, so that if you do fall…you can easily get up, brush yourself off, and keep it moving.

Let’s prevent the Knock Out by staying strong mentally and emotionally.

Reach inside of yourself and pull out all of that STUFF that’s bugging you now and the stuff that has been bugging you for a lifetime. You don’t have to confront anyone. Just be aware that it exist and accept what is. Forgive if needed. Make amends if you have to. You want to have clarity moving forward.

I use one minute meditations throughout the day when I get just a tad bit overwhelmed; I pray and listen to God.

Being a work-at-home and homeschool mom of a special needs child, life can get pretty crazy. But I love every bit of it. And to keep the love flowing…and my sanity intact, I have to use what works for me. And, so should you.

The whole point is…to get all the negative gunk swimming in your head out and re-frame your way of thinking. Hit the reset button!

Don’t dwell on the past, it’s over.
Don’t worry about the future, it’s not here yet.
Just be present, it’s the thing that you have absolute control of.

Read the following instructions first to reset your mindset.

1. Write down why you are grateful for what you have right now…at this very moment.

2. Next, write down all of your negative feelings and the daily excuses that you have – the feel-bad energy. This helps you to acknowledge the behavior or blockage. Keep writing until you get all the negative feelings out of your system.

I never have enough money to do what I want to do
I have no time during the day to devote to business development.
My family doesn’t support this new venture.
My products are not good enough.

2. Now, take each negative issue and turn it into a positive feeling and action. Replace it with feel-good energy plus a feel-good activity.

I have just what I need right now, and I will write steps to take control of my spending.
I can complete this new product and I will set aside 2 hours a week to devote to business development.
I have support during this journey and will ask my best friend to be my accountability partner.
I have the perfect solution for my ideal clients, so I will test my products, and then tweak along the way.

There has to be a positive thought and a positive action to release the positive energy.

4. Lastly, put a date next to the goal. Otherwise you will drag your feet and continue to make excuses for not completing the task.

See…there is urgency…your abundant life is waiting.

Bonus: Creating Triggers to Develop New Habits

Find a trigger for the new feel-good habit that you want and make it happen.

Old Habit: Drinking coffee loaded with sugar and milk first thing in the morning…and skipping breakfast.
New Habit: To start the morning off with a warm glass of water and a slice of fresh lemon to rehydrate and activate your digestive system, followed by green tea and a green smoothie.
New Trigger: Cut up lemons the night before, put in container and place in the refrigerator. Make your green smoothies at night and fill ball jars with the mixture. Sit a glass and a tea cup on the counter before you go to bed as a reminder for the water and tea.

Do you get how this is done? Here is another example:
Old Habit: Gossiping in the office
New Habit: If you can’t say anything nice, then don’t say anything at all. Click the lesson here.
New Trigger: Smile when you feel the urge to say something negative. Smiling creates feel-good energy. Negative and positive thoughts cannot exist in the same space at the same time.

Here are some additional ways to add feel-good energy when your thoughts are racing or you feel that pinch of anxiety coming on:
Sing your favorite song immediately.
Turn on the iTunes – listen to music that inspires or motivates. Create a Feel-Good Playlist [I have one called, “Wooooo…That’s My Song”]
Dance – My favorite one of them all. Once I start it’s hard for me to stop.
Exercise – Get that adrenaline going! Exercise promotes healthy mind, body and spirit.
Drink water – Water is refreshing, calming and cleansing for the brain and the body.
Look at a picture of a loved one – I choose to look at my kids’ baby pictures. It helps me to forget about my troubles instantly.

“We shall never know all the good that a simple smile can do.” ~ Mother Teresa






Take Action: Complete the exercises above to remove marketing blockages and add lots of feel-good energy to you personal and business life.

Now, take some time to share your feelings around marketing. Does it feel icky to you or are you having fun with it?

16 Responses to How to Remove Marketing Blocks

  1. I think my marketing block is having too many businesses to focus on:) I’m still teaching while building my coaching biz. That sometimes gives me days where I have great intentions but sit down at my desk and do nothing but sit for a couple of!

    It’s because I’m tired. If I catch myself (because I can actually enjoy the sit so much I don’t try to change it) I go for water, a walk or eating something yummy. That usually helps with my blocks:)

    These are great suggestions, Denise!

    • Ha ha…I am with you on that Susan. I can sit and daydream my day away sometimes. Having to work on 2 businesses must be challenging. There is definitely a need for a project list before you sit down at the computer. Thanks for the post Susan!!

  2. Such love in your post Denise. 🙂 … I sometimes get tired and that’s when I fall back into old habits. I am printing out your list and putting it on my bathroom mirror to help me to shift….for when I’m tired… as that is when I can’t think and fall back into old ways. Don’t get me wrong, I do break my patterns…but when I’m busy is the hardest time to ‘sustain’ that….. So thank you TONS for the reminder and for the love behind it all 🙂

  3. my marketing blocks/obstacles tend to come in spurts. i like your concrete ways of breaking through them when they hit, denise. my favorite go-to remedies are 1) taking deep breaths (makes me instantly more aware and focused), 2) dancing! (i’m with you on this one), 3) drinking water with fresh squeezed citrus (doubles as an allergy-reducer), and 4) placing a hot washcloth on my face (something about this calms me immediately).

  4. I have fun with marketing but do find that new new product development takes a backseat. 3 cheers for creating positive energy around getting it done and eliminating blocks! I love how you breakdown the steps and give tips on how to do it. Thank you, Denise. Time for some tea 😉

  5. My marketing blocks come when I am tired for sure…As I still have one foot in my corporate job..some days are exhausting. My head gets full of the shoulds… key for me as you remind us! Great post.

  6. Denise, I really need this post at this exact moment in time. It was “a week”, and there will be others, I am sure. I am bookmarking these love-filled reminders for the rainy days. I feel so uplifted, and I haven’t even done the exercises yet! Beautiful, beautiful post.

  7. Great post! I love how you include action steps. Roadblocks can seem large at first, but as soon as we take action, it is always amazing how quickly the process goes. Thank you for sharing!

    • Road blocks always seem large, and sometimes overwhelming, before we start taking action. I love to see my blocks shrink with each step. It’s a ‘feel-good energy.’ Thanks for your comment Cathy!

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