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Man’s Best Friend – The Marketing Expert

My Dog Nala
More popcorn please…

Meet Nala, my family member, my best friend and the MARKETING EXPERT.

She is a Red Nose Pitt Bull…an 80lb marshmallow.  Just as sweet as she can be.  I call her the expert marketer.  Her specialty…relationship marketing strategies.

Nala gives a lot to get what she wants.  And she does this by completing each step of the full marketing process.  Nala works it well.

She has been marketing to my heart and soul since the day I adopted her.  The love and care that I give to her is authentic and unconditional. And she loves me back…authentically and unconditionally.

Nala knows everything there is to know about relationship marketing.  She would love to give you some free marketing tips so you may have an effective and easy sale when meeting with your next perfect client.

I am going to turn the pages over to Nala.


“Hi, Ladies, Nala here.  I have a story to tell.  Keep reading.”

Captivate your audience with a story

It was love at first sight (for my 2-legged Mom).  She thought I was the most beautiful dog she had ever seen.  She immediately asked the adoption agency, “What is her story.”

I was the only dog that wasn’t barking and jumping.  But, just in case you didn’t know.  I am a lady.  And, now you know.  So, let’s continue.

Well, here’s what happened…

My last owner just left me at the grooming salon.  Yep, I don’t know why but it’s probably because I have so many allergies.  I am gluten-free, dairy-free and meat-free.  It can get really expensive to manage.

But that did not bother my new 2-legged Mom.  No Ma’am.  My Mom is a Certified Holistic Health Coach.  I am so proud of her.  She knew just how to help me.

Well, one day I had some serious potty issues, my paws were really swollen and I could not walk.  She had to carry me outside to do potty.  I don’t know how she managed that.  I was 65lbs at the time.  That is half my 2-legged Mom’s weight!

My 2-legged Mom nursed me back to health holistically.  She changed my food to a holistic brand, fed me whole veggies throughout the day {carrots are my absolute fave} and gave me alkaline water to drink.

That’s not all.  She made a solution of alkaline water and tea tree oil and dipped my paws in it every night before bed.  She tried to wrap it up, but I did not like that too much.  So I pulled it off…twice.  It annoyed her, but she finally got the message.


Compel them to buy + Build a solid relationship

I guess you can figure out what happened next.  Yes!  I was walking after two days.  My paws were back to normal and my belly did not hurt any more.  I was as happy as that squirrel with the big nut in the Ice Age movie.

I licked my 2-legged Mom every minute of the day.  I followed her around to make sure she knew just how grateful I was for the tender loving care she gave me…and still gives.  I played the shadow game.  When she moved, I moved.  She became my very best friend.

I take care of her now.  Whenever she is feeling sad, I am there to comfort her.  If she is happy, I am there to celebrate with her. If she is sick, I get on her bed until she is feeling better {she doesn’t really like me on her bed unless I just had a bath}.

And, then I realized…as long as I hang around her, I receive snacks, a gentle pet behind the ears, a belly rub, tug-a-war, new blankies and lots of high pitch baby talk.

Just a note: My 2-legged Mom has the best baby talk.  I get so excited I just don’t know what to do with myself.


Create a bigger income with mindset marketing

Then I had this “Aha” moment {not quite sure what “Aha” means, but my best guess is that it is something really special}.  As long as I was a good girl I could have anything I wanted.  I decided to flip the script and put my “Good Girl Technique” through the ultimate test to get more goodies.

Doggie Treats = Prosperity

Yep.  My 2-legged Mom is really good at marketing.  But I am better.  I am very subtle.  Not the in your face type.  I pull her in slowly and gently. I told you earlier, I’m a lady.  At least I try to be.  It’s just those darn squirrels take me out of my zone every single time.

When my 2-legged Mom prepares the family meal, I rush into the kitchen to let her know, “I’m here if you need me, Mom.”  I put my wet, cold nose on her leg.  She jumps when I do that.  I think it bothers her sometimes, but hey, I got her attention.

Then, I wait close by so I can be available at a moment’s notice to clean the floor for her if a food item should accidentally fall.  Sometimes she trips over me because…well, I gained just a little weight over the years.

I wait patiently…

When she is finished with chopping and dicing, boiling and sautéing, I go in for the kill.  I give her my best begging face {like in the picture above this post}.  Sometimes she is so busy she doesn’t see me.  Actually, I think she is pretending not to see me. So I move in a little closer, until I am right under her.  I put on the begging face again, I look away slightly so I don’t seem so obvious and WHAM!  “Gotcha Mom…again!”  It works like a charm.  She tries to resist.  But she can’t.  Just one look and she gives in.

Another snack for me.  Sweet, Sweet Victory!


Human readers, here is your lesson for the day:

Take your time, tell your story, and build a strong relationship with your perfect client.  The end results will be well worth it.  You will receive lots of doggie treats like me!

P.S. I don’t share, so you will have to try out the “Good Girl Technique” on your next perfect client.  You’ll be just fine.  But first, Unlock the 5 Secrets to Designing Your Perfect Client.  Click here.

Back to my 2-legged Mom now, I think I see a squirrel….{pause}.  Nope, false alarm.  Have a good one!

Turning the pages over…

And, that is Nala’s recipe for successful relationship marketing.  So if you want to be a small business entrepreneur, then it is time to get out there, network and build genuine relationships.

Haiku Tweet

Captivate and tell
Your story; genuinely
Build relationships


Is there any part of Nala’s technique that you do already?  Maybe you have your own version.  Please share in the comment section below.


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12 Responses to Man’s Best Friend – The Marketing Expert

  1. Great tips, Nala!

    I needed the reminder about building a solid relationship! This is exactly what I make a top priority as I’m trying to build my business. But, I”m realizing that building a solid relationship means that I need to reach out more often than I do. It’s not enough for me to write a post and just comment on the blog. I need to interact with my readers in other ways. Thank you so much for that insight!

  2. Hi Nala, nice to meet you. It is definitely strange seeing a dog called Nala, I have a cat called Nala!

    I have just begun my first business, and I’m still finding my feet, but I really want to build these great relationships with people, that is one of the reasons that I want to be in business; to build strong relationships 🙂

  3. I love it Denise Marie! Your creativity through your post helped me think of at least two people I I am going to send a link to you blog. They are starting out in business and would really relate to your creative spirit. You get gold stars for this post.

  4. Well Ms. Nahla & ‘Big Buddy’, must be kindred in their similar personalities; behavior; physical appearances & health issues (Buddy being a Bull Mastiff, with skin issues). By just being his mommy, I’ve generated ‘relationships’, with neighbors, I did not know, existed. Lol. Although, I haven’t been able to commit to my small business, 100%(FB mom; dance mom; track mom), I’ve been fortunate enough to zero in on my ‘perfect clients’ & their needs/wants, and build that consistent relationship with them. Although few, they remain loyal to my brand & I am happy about that. Denise, your creativity is always refreshing, to see & be a part of. Thank you!

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