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Marketing is Letting the World Know You Exist

Branding with an Open Heart Series – Lesson 5: Recognition

Recognition A

Being Vulnerable, Transparent and Trustworthy

Show up…

I could stop there, but I will take a moment to explain.

Millions…no billions of people on the internet are trying to claim their thrown, and now, it’s your turn to win the jeweled crown as well; another awesome entrepreneur with an innovative idea.

Super!! And, I am saying this with love. You see, because you are one of billions, it is necessary for you to be who you are…always.

I know it can be difficult to be transparent to an audience that you don’t know. Well, think about how your audience feels when you try to push them to buy from you and they don’t have a clue about who you are. Step in their shoes and see if they fit, then make adjustments to what feels right in your heart.

And so I say again…show up.

“Connect by building the friend-friend relationship before building the seller-buyer relationship.”

Be courageous and show your perfect clients that you are there for them.  Share the defining moments in your life that led you to become an entrepreneur. Talk about your personal experiences with your family and friends. Oh and what about those small special moments that make you smile, and the moments that don’t make you smile…when you are filled with sadness or just mad at the world. We love those too.

“Your vulnerability will pull your audience in. Your transparency will create recognition. Your truth will make you trustworthy.”

Whatever you decide, sharing bits and pieces of yourself and your life, will help you to connect and make your prospects feel safe and comfortable enough to share their moments with you.

Bringing Yourself to Life

How can you bring yourself to life? Who do you want to sound like? And, no, I am not asking you to imitate anybody. See, we act and speak differently, subject to the people who are around us. You don’t speak in the same manner to your mother as you would when speaking to your best friend…or sibling.

Take Action:

  • Decide who you would like to be when speaking, writing and marketing to your potential client.
  • Do you want to be a sibling, offspring, parent, grandparent, best friend, academic peer, colleague?
  • Discover your voice so that you will be recognized within your industry on and offline.
  • What voice do you want to represent?

In addition to providing information for your audience in your marketing materials, you want to be able to entertain. Keep them engaged. Try out different voices, and then animate it slightly. Pretend you are doing a voice-over for a cartoon character or a commercial on the radio.

For example: My voice – I am speaking to my best friend and then I animate it slightly to add a little humor and fun. It’s who I am. Besides, writing about marketing and money can get really intense. I need to lighten up the vibe a little.

“A lack of transparency results in distrust and a deep sense of insecurity.” ~ Dalai Lama





Now tell us, what are some of the illuminating things about yourself that you can use to become transparent to your followers and perfect clients? Write it in the comment section below.  I can’t wait to read what you have to say!

11 Responses to Marketing is Letting the World Know You Exist

  1. Show up. Those words brought a few thoughts to mind with regard to business dealings. It amazes me that there are professionals that don’t respond to emails, return phone calls or follow up as promised. I believe that every contact is a potential lead and should be treated responsibility. Even if it does not lead to a sale, it is important to be transparent and authentic. I am dedicated to customer service and building relationships. Thanks for the great post!

  2. Denise, thanks for the reassurance that as I share my personal challenges I am modelling trust.“Your vulnerability will pull your audience in. Your transparency will create recognition. Your truth will make you trustworthy.” Yay! It’s really the only way I know to connect. Thanks for the nudge to all of us out there sharing.

  3. Denise, I really liked the action steps. I have been working on the foundation of my empowerment business by list building, getting my message out to those who it resonates with before offering anything to sell. I am about to start creating products that line up and this post really helps!

  4. I’m not sure if it’s the woman thing, the Portuguese thing, the artist thing or something else, but I’m always super vulnerable in my blogging. Sometimes I wonder if I share too much — especially with the “love stuff” — but… I am who I am. 🙂 Great validation, Denise. Thank you! xo

  5. Having been raised in a way that encourages not standing out, marketing has been a challenge for me. The title of this post alone pushes all sorts of my buttons, but ones that I know are ready to crack open and fall behind. Love the practical steps, and for “recognizing” my growing ability to simply write from my heart when communicating in my blog, newsletters and private emails to clients.

  6. i am taking action right now! in creating my very first opt-in (coming soon!), my first e-course (available this fall!), and my first retreat (spring 2015!), i am presenting not only the central theme of my business to the world, but my very essence as well. thank you, denise.

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