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Offer a Variety of Packages and Price Points to Increase Sales

Offer various solution packages for your clients problems.
Offer various solution packages for your clients problems.

When shopping online you may have noticed that nearly every online small business vendor offers a variety of product and service packages at comparable price levels.

What you may not know is that the packages have been strategically designed to get his target audience to buy just one type…the standard package.  Most often there are at least 3 types.  The trial, the standard and the premium.  The trial and the premium are usually what sellers don’t want you to buy.  These packages are for people a little out of her target audience range.

So you ask, why wouldn’t the seller want his audience to buy the premium package first since it will get him the most money?

Well, once the buyer purchases the premium package, there is nothing else left to purchase?  If, they purchase the standard and they like the product, then the buyer can come back for more.  As a result, the buyer sticks around a lot longer.

Here’s an example:

You’ve always wanted to play the piano. So, on a hunch, you Googled “online piano lessons” and found the perfect site. The instructor offers several DVD lesson options:

Package 1 –  Holiday Special: “Learn to play three Christmas songs in five days.” $39.95

Package 2 – Four Week Beginners Program: “Learn basic chord principles and you can play almost anything” $120.00

Package 3 – Year-long Program: “Become a Pro in 24 lessons.” $1,100


Hmmm. Christmas songs sound great this time of year, but no one is going to want to hear them after Christmas Day.  You’ve dreamed of playing those keys like a pro, but, you may have to adjust your budget and schedule before you invest your time and money in the year-long program.  However, the beginner’s program is perfect. You can quickly learn holiday songs and other favorites you love.  And, you can afford it right now!


You bought the package that you wanted to buy and the instructor wanted you to buy. Why? Because the instructor gave you options that fit your time and budget constraints, and an incentive to buy more at a later date.

Here’s the key: Parcel your products and services into packages at several price levels so they are affordable to a variety of your target audience.

A typical package structure should look like this:

  • Free Trial Size. Introduce your product and/or service to would-be clients.
  • Starter or Small Package. Offer a basic “bare bones” package at a “bargain” rate.  It encompasses your brand but doesn’t require a lot of your time and energy to produce.
  • Standard Package.  Give the client what they came to you for. Deliver on your advertising promise in this package. But, tease the client. Leave them somewhat unfulfilled and wanting more. Your standard package is your bread and butter. It’s affordable to most of your target client base.
  • Premium Package. Pull out all the stops. This is your most delicious offer. It’s the exclusive, unabridged version of your brand. And, it’s supposed to be pricey, but not totally out of reach to the client. You can charge an upgrade free from your standard package. So, your client is sure to come back.

If you are the problem solver for your clients, do not push them into a ONE SIZE FITS all solution.  Your target audience may have different levels of the problem that you solve.  When you offer your products and/or services at different levels you can start to expand your target client base, create multiple profit streams and make yourself and your brand virtually indispensable.

Business is not financial science, it’s about trading.. buying and selling. It’s about creating a product or service so good that people will pay for it. — Anita Roddick


Tell us about the special packaging that you have prepared for your clients or customers in the comment section below.


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