Client Praise

Can you feel the love?

Karen Lewis

Event Planner

In today’s fast paced world and business, there are very few that have that ‘patience.’ Denise’s services are very empathetic to your time. The most unbelievable and informational resource I have seen in a long time.

It’s not just business with her. Denise reveals a personal attachment for an individual’s success. I have learned a great deal with the feedback from her services to improve my business. I have become a much better listener, and so much more.

I would highly recommend her services for future business. To sum it up…INCREDIBLE.

Sharon Shelton Corpening

Hair & Beauty Blogger

I absolutely LOVED working with Denise! Her energy is infectious. Her common-sense know-how kindled a fire in me that I didn't realize existed. She helped me see how to apply solid branding and marketing strategies to promote myself as a writer. She also showed me how my skills and talents translate into a niche that's organic and unique. I'm not the type that need's hand-holding. With Denise, I could glean principles from her workshops and coaching sessions and run with them. They opened up a new world of possibilities I couldn't see before.

Lois Olson


Denise has such brilliant common sense strategies to building a business around the life you want. Her coaching has helped me break through roadblocks in my life and business and simplify them both into that which fits my soul. She's the best! You will come away inspired and excited about the possibilities of creating your own happy ending.

Kymberly Calloway-Helwig

Health & Transformation Coach

Before working with Denise I had so many ideas of what I wanted to do as a business owner, but was not able to clarify them to get started. Denise’s coaching and workshops have helped me to focus and pinpoint my RIGHT NOW passion. She even helped me to find a way to combine my network marketing business with my passion for health and wellness. I am now able to move forward with my business with confidence!

Terry Parrot

Health Coach

Working with Denise helped me to focus and obtain some clarity about what I wanted to do and how to do it. Before I started working with Denise, nothing seemed to come together for me. Denise’s workshop topics are very clear and easy to follow. During the coaching sessions she really listens and has a unique ability to pick up on how you can pull different aspects of your talent and business together to create something unique. She gets so excited about what you can do and how you can succeed.During our first 2 coaching sessions, I took 3 pages of notes and for the first time I felt like I had some direction in life and someone that would help me. I started on my website and I have an email list. I also hosted a seminar at my hair salon on health and wellness.

Iileen Giles

GSA Proposal Consultant

Denise puts my mind at ease with her step by step guidance in growing your business. With her assistance I have been able to double my revenue in less than six months. Thanks Denise!

Tiffaney Graham

Mommy & Business Blogger

Before working with Denise, I was a confused, scattered entrepreneur. I was trying to juggle four different businesses at one time and I was just all over the place. Then after a few sessions with Denise, I became clear and focused on what I wanted to do and how to do it. The marketing guidelines she created are easy to follow and make you think about your business in a more concise manner. The 3 most significant improvements/info I received: Scheduling/Time Management; Consistent Branding; Simple Marketing Tips.

Maggie Laton

Social Media Marketing

I have been in business for over a year, but something wasn't right. I wasn't attracting the kind of clients that I knew would make me successful and happy. Within the first 30 minutes of talking with Denise, she identified the branding that had been hidden deep down and helped me develop it into an entire theme. Since that first meeting, I have begun working with two of the clients I targeted as "dream accounts" a year ago and am more confident in myself and my brand. She helped me find my long hidden creative side and it has made all the difference! Thank you, Denise!

Selethia Middleton

Virtual Assistant Company

I started working with Denise in October 2013. I was moving way too fast and trying to do it all. I wanted everything right now. Denise pointed out that it takes time to build a business and that I am in a good position because I work full time. I can take my time and do it right. I am looking at the way I market in a totally different way. I am authentic and connecting on a personal level. I am building relationships instead of selling.

I am now able to have the difficult conversations. I am able to focus on the things that matter to me most and I feel good about telling people what I do in my business. I’ve learned to Be Authentic, Give from the Heart and Understand my money and financial situation.

I feel like I am in control and moving with a purpose. Before I was doing way too much and wasting way too much time and not getting any results.

I like the one-on-one coaching Denise provides. If you are on the fence about purchasing…Do it! There is nothing to think about! The investment will be worth it and you will not regret it.

Catherine Storing

Virtual Stylist

If you are looking for a coach that does not play games, keeps it simple, shares her heart and strategies, then Denise is the coach for you. She will show you a step-by-step plan on what to do and she makes it fun. What else can you ask for?