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Put a Meaning Behind Your Brand

Branding with an Open Heart Series – Lesson 11: Position

As a single mom, autism mom, and homeschool mom, I find myself with quite a few causes under my belt.  But, my ultimate goal is to be an inspiration to other autism moms and let them know that their is definitely a light at the end of the tunnel.  When my son, now 14, and I embark on our world tour this year, I will write my journey.  My cause will be to help women from all walks of life become an entrepreneur and business owner and defy the statistics that 95% of entrepreneurs do not make it to the 100K income bracket. This is my brand…and that is my story.

Position A

Defining the Cause Behind Your Business

Define your cause and brand your story.

ValuesA belief or philosophy that is meaningful to you.  It runs deep in your core.  Values can guide you into doing something great; propel you to the top of your field.

What do you believe in?  What motivates you?  Where do you stand in a particular situation?  What really bugs you and how do you choose to change it?

Examples: speaking up for animal cruelty and be the voice where there is none; filling the need for more local farmers’ markets and keep the money you spend on produce in your neighborhood; feeding the homeless and creating shelters of hope; finding foster children adoptive parents and weave a bond of love for life.

Personal Values

Being trustworthy, self-reliant, hardworking, punctual, or having a concern for others.

Incorporating your personal beliefs into your business gives it meaning.  This is your cause.

Business Values

Trust in customers, solving problems of society, high standards, easy systems, reliable people, or business ethics.

Combine your personal values and your business values to put a meaning behind your brand.

“If today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I am about to do today?’ And whenever the answer has been ‘No’ for too many days in a row, I know I need to change something.” ~ Steve Jobs




So, what do you believe in?  How does it drive you to do what you do for others?

24 Responses to Put a Meaning Behind Your Brand

  1. Whoa… love that Steve Jobs quote. And especially love the part where he says…. if I say no for too many days in a row I know I need to change something.! I’m in the process of building a new website and of course, branding becomes an issue… so I SO appreciated your words and reminders… It keeps me focused! Thanks Denise Marie xo

  2. Just in the process of creating a brand for my charity and my business so your timing is perfect! What a great question from Steve Jobs, I’m going to post this on my bathroom mirror until I get into the habit of asking this question every single day. Life changing, it has to be. Thank you.

  3. Wow! Big Vision Denise! I wish you big luck because I believe in you and feel that you WILL succeed. I feel your heart. You’ve inspired me to step out of my cosy closet and JUST DO IT…tell my true story, not the one I think everyone wants to hear. Thank you for this gentle nudge. X.

    • Anytime Marg! And, thank you so much for the support. It’s not easy telling being so transparent and telling your truth. But when you shine…you will attract the client that you are supposed to serve.

  4. Denise, what I love about this is that it’s short yet says SOOO much 🙂 And it means a LOT to me with my biz…. even though I design and handmake elegartsy dog collars, one of my other missions is to bring awareness to animals in need – it lights up my soul to be able to help animals.

    Thank you thank you, excellent!!!

  5. That Steve Jobs quote is eye opening! Wow!

    I believe that it’s never too late to follow your dreams. No matter what our age or stage in life, if we can let go of the fear, then our dreams are ready to take flight.

    I can’t wait to hear about your world tour!

  6. as you know, denise – i’ve been eagerly awaiting the tales of your world tour with your son. thank you for the important reminder about staying true to our values (and for the profound quote as well).

    • Yes, I know April. I am on pins and needles waiting to start the trip.

      I love this quote as well! Every morning we all should take a good look at the person in the mirror and decide how we want to live our day.

  7. Denise, Oh – the Steve Jobs quote is such a good one! Thank you for this great reminder to put meaning and values behind what we do. I love your cause — and a world tour, how exciting! I can’t wait to read about your journey! xo

  8. It’s been my intention to put the (global) meaning into my brand, but have not taken the time to get it out there. You’re reminded me that there’s no time like the present.

  9. How exciting Denise! I can’t wait to hear about al the amazing experiences you’ll be having thsi year. You are a mama warrior! I love how you frame the personal and business values.

  10. Good morning, Denise,
    Love the quote, a real eye opener. My new series is “Guardians of Innocence” because children should be allowed to be innocent until they need to be come aware. The idea is to protect and nurture until the time for exposure. A caterpillar does not become a butterfly until it goes through the process. There is a process to most everything, delivering a baby, childhood, adolescence, courtship, building a business, etc.
    Things evolve…now I believe part of my business is to nurture, not in a motherly way, per se, but to ponder and think about things and let your thoughts nurture you in a positive way. (This will become a blog post, yay!)
    In 2006, this quote came to me in the shower…”Do what you love, if you don’t it will show”. I will hang Steve Jobs’ quote on my wall as well.
    Thanks for suggesting we probe for our story. If you slow down and look, the story will show up. Life is not a race. For me it is a process of discovery.

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