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Remove the Money Gunk to Build a Sustainable Business

Stay on Track

Do you have issues with money?  You are not alone.  I am still pushing through my own issues which can be as big as boulders sometimes.

Money affects every aspect of our lives

…from the clothes we wear, the cars we drive, the houses we live in, the holidays we enjoy, even down to the food we eat …and it means so much more to life than simply budgets and savings.  It’s what determines where we live and how we live.  How much health insurance we can obtain, where we send our children to school or how far we can travel.

“If you don’t have a good foundation of financial literacy, you can expect to carry wishy-washy money issues throughout the life of your business.”

Don’t get me wrong…sometimes life throws us some crazy curve balls which trigger money issues to spin out of control.  For me, it was making the conscious choice to leave my corporate job, manage my son’s special needs and homeschool.

The key is to be aware of what is going on in your life, ask for help and be grateful for what you have today.

Now, I know that is easier said than done.  But we have to start somewhere…and what better place to start than NOW.  Click here to get some solutions from the Daily Worth website.

Identifying your Emotional Money Character

What is your Money Character?

Stingy Stacy – This person always has money.  But, you will never see it.  She is the type that will take it with her to the grave.  Oh…and she won’t have any beneficiaries either.  Stingy Stacy’s money will wind up going to the government just sitting around for some next of kin to claim it…10 years later.

Helen the Hoarder – Helen the Hoarder is not necessarily stingy.  Some will say that she is the type to save…a lot.  This is correct, except when she needs money, she will cry broke…even when she has loads of it in her savings account.  Helen the Hoarder tends to treat all material items including food in this matter.  Nothing ever goes to waste.  Are you throwing something out?  Just give it to Helen the Hoarder. She will find a place for it. I promise you.

Irresponsible Ires – This lady is never aware of any money coming in or going out of her life.  She is completely clueless and moving through life in a daze.  She thinks that if she sweeps any money issues under the carpet, it will magically disappear. Now you see it…now you don’t!

Money Making Maci – Maci knows how to make lots of money.  But here’s the thing…she will work until the end of time to make it, and never take the time out to enjoy it.  Money Making Maci is missing some special moments!

Debt Attractor DebraDebt Attractor Debra never has issues with attracting money, but she attracts an equal amount of debt.  So she is always working her honey buns off trying to keep up with her debt.  Oh…she is also trying to keep up with the Jones’.  She wants what everyone else has…and doesn’t have.

Abigail Abundance – Miss Abigail is very special indeed.  She always seems to have money when needed.  She doesn’t necessarily work for it.  It just pops up like magic.  She is a super money magnet when it comes to getting her monetary needs met. It may not necessarily be her money, but she is good at attracting it; even if someone gives [not lend] it to her.

Spenderella – Spenderella loves to work for her money.  Yep, she doesn’t mind at all and is quite content when she gets her paycheck at the end of the week.  Unfortunately, Spenderella has an addiction.  She loves to spend her money on something…anything!!  If she has $2 left from her check, she will find something to spend it on.

Giving Gertrude – Now, Giving Gertrude doesn’t know how to say no.  Yep, she will give her last dollar, the shirt off her back and the kitchen sink. If she only had ten cents to spare, she would find a way to give you twenty-five…and feel guilty that she can’t give more.

Profile Penelope – Penelope is the type who doesn’t have a lot, but somehow finds a way to look like she does.  She is the profiler…the runway model.  Nothing in her bank account, dead broke, living check to check, but looks like she lives in the 90210 zip code at any given moment.

You know I actually have family members that fit into each one of these categories.  A few years ago I was the Debt Attractor Debra; but I think I was Helen the Hoarder as a young teen; Spenderella in my twenties, and Giving Gertrude in my thirties.  And, there are some days when I can be the Money Making Maci, but my sons often remind me when I am falling into that category.

Identify your money character and make the necessary changes to keep track of the numbers to sustain your business.





Do you fit in any of the Money Characters noted above? Please let us know below…and maybe tell us how you can change your character to change your lifestyle, so that the money issues don’t trickle into your business.

26 Responses to Remove the Money Gunk to Build a Sustainable Business

  1. Denise, I love this approach to money. The archetypes are brilliant! I have been a few of these over the years…I know a few of these gals as well. Great advice! ♥

  2. Brilliant Denise! What a fab and fun way to approach one’s money ‘box’…sorry about the pun! Oh I see myself in there for sure. Thanks for the timely money mirror…it’s time to get things in order. Just for curiosity, is there an archetype for the most desirable emotional money character? Love this post. X.

    • Let’s see Marg. Someone who desires money may be the Desirable Dominique. She knows what she wants and is completely focused on the prize. Nothing can get in the way of Desirable Dominique and her desire to bring home the gold.

  3. I love the archetypes too! I read and reread the list – who do I identify with most? I think a little of all of them, I can have a hoarder mentality but then blow a bunch on the next vacation. I hope by the time I am older and retired I make peace with money!

  4. This is brilliant Denise! Yup I can identify with a few of these. Abigail Abundance in my early twenties, then Spenderella all the way through my early thirties! And now trying to reign in Giving Gertrude 😉

  5. I’d say I’m a combination of a few of these at the moment – mostly Iris and Helen on a bad day, but then I have enough of Abigail in there to remind me that the doors are there to be opened when I put my focus on it. Great way to break this down, and get us on our financial toes, Denise.

  6. Love this, Denise! Enjoyable way to look at our money character. I think I have lived several of these money archetypes. Right now and I’m grateful to be in a place where I feel prosperous even when the money “isn’t” flowing. 😉

  7. Denise, oh… this was good! I found myself smiling as I read through your archetypes, I think I must be “Chameleon Charlotte” at different points in my life, slipping into several of these identities! This is a great reminder to be aware of my relationship with money – and as you say, be grateful for the lessons I’ve learned along the way.

  8. what a fun post, denise! i too could see different family members in each of your descriptions, but had trouble deciding which archetype i find myself in most of the time. (wonder what my family members would say?!)

  9. What a fun way to go about such a touchy I love the approach you used with the archetypes. I think I have a been a few of these at different points in my life.

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