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A New Year Resolution Formula

Turning your resolution into a result driven machine first starts with realistic and effective goal setting.

What is your New Year's Resolution?
Transform your resolution into a goal.

Most of us make reasonable resolutions, but fail to plan it out correctly.  We make resolutions such as: I will lose 20 pounds; I will stop smoking; I will ask for a raise this year; or I will start my own business.

But after making it, we do not lay out the steps needed to reach the goal.  Sometimes, we don’t even set a date for the goal.


In so doing, as long as we get it done sometime within the New Year, we feel that — well, we will actually get it done SOMETIME within the New Year.


And so we start out on the right path in January, and then the resolution gets pushed to February, then June, and before you know it, December is here.  Then we start the cycle all over again with the same resolution for the following year.


How can we get out of the revolving door of New Year’s Resolutions?

There are two ways we can tackle this issue: Timeline Resolutions and Periodic Resolutions

Both tools can work for business goal setting and personal goal setting.

Timeline Resolutions

Timeline Resolutions is a formula that uses, of course, timelines to plan out smaller goals in order to reach the larger goal.  This breaks down your resolution into small steps that are doable for you, your time and your schedule.

For instance, if you have a website to build, your timeline can include the following steps:

Start Date: January 15

  • Register a domain (1 day) – Jan 15
  • Pay for hosting (1 day) – Jan 17
  • Design Logo (1 month) – February 17
  • Design the website (2 months) – April 17

Add logo, Add menu, Add categories, Add Pages, Add Content, Add color

  • Look up Keywords (1 week) – April 24
  • Add keywords (2 weeks) – May 8
  • Search Engine Optimization (1 week) – May 15
  • Register domain with Search Engines (1 day) – May 16

This sample ‘website’ resolution can be complete in approximately 4 months; thereby we can set an end date of May 16.

As a result, using the Timeline Resolution, you can schedule in large goals throughout the year and actually COMPLETE each of them.


Periodic Resolutions

Periodic resolutions consist of lots of tiny resolutions for the New Year.  For example suppose you have a goal to lose 10 pounds in a 4 week period.  What steps can you take to move you towards the bigger goal?

You can use Monthly, Weekly or Daily Resolutions to move you in the right direction.

We will use daily resolutions for this example:

Start Date: January 15 plus one week of Prep Time (total 5 weeks)

  • Day 1 – I will search for easy recipes using whole foods.
  • Day 2 – I will make a 4 week Menu Plan
  • Day 3 – I will plan out exercise regimen of walking 30 minutes twice a day
  • Day 4 – I will make a grocery list
  • Day 5 – I will go to the grocery store to buy all items
  • Day 6 – I will get supplements
  • Day 7 – I will make my 4 week schedule and get plenty of rest
  • Day 8 – I will start my exercise regimen and my new meal plan

This sample ‘losing weight’ resolution can be complete in 5 weeks with an end date of approximately February 19.

When you continue to make these small Periodic Resolutions you can reach the larger goal. As an added benefit, you begin to form good habits.


Using either of these goal setting tools, the Timeline or the Periodic Resolution, encourages people to make more than one resolution for any given year at any given time of the year.  Goals become much clearer and attainable.

“Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right.” — Oprah Winfrey


Now that’s how we AMPLIFY!!

Amplifying your life and business to new heights.



Take Action:

  •  Write down a maximum of 3 goals that you would like to reach this year.
  • Declare them as your New Year’s Resolution
  • Now write next to each resolution the type of formula you will use for each one: Timeline or Periodic.
  • Make a schedule for each one.

May you have a Happy and Safe New Year, EVERY YEAR!


Are there any resolutions that you did not keep?  Let us know which resolutions that you will “do over” and which formula you will use to make it happen.  Take a moment to let me know.  Please comment below.


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