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Stay in Touch Marketing: 15 Tips to Use Right Now


I Believe it is our duty, as entrepreneurs, to provide others with solutions to their problems whether they are paid clients or loyal followers.

After all, they are the reason we exist as entrepreneurs.  To help others improve their lives. So, let’s talk about “stay-in-touch marketing.”

Stay-in-Touch marketing is another way of saying follow-up.  I like to use the words stay-in-touch because it feels personal and grounded when I discuss the benefits of relationship marketing strategies.

Women, the nurturers that we are, love to stay in touch with our loved ones.  We are a species that need and want to connect.  It is how we thrive day to day.  But, why not spread the love and create an over spill of APPRECIATION into our business?

I have provided a list of 15 Tips on how to SPREAD the LOVE in business to keep our prospects loyal, our current clients happy, and our previous clients around for the long haul.


5 Tips to keep your ideal clients interested, so they eventually become paying clients.  Shower them with Love!

When developing relationship through face-to-face networking or internet marketing, the first impression is crucial.  Your ideal client does not care about you or your business.  Yes, it’s HARSH but TRUE.  So how can we knock down this wall gracefully and turn them into loyal followers and eventually paying clients.

I like to GIVE.  It is who I am.  It is who we are as women.  And the giving should not stop at the personal level.  I love to give lots of FREE STUFF to my ideal clients.  Please note some of the tools I use to provide gifts to my prospects.

  1. Free tips, tools and resources through an online Newsletter
  2. Recommendations such as a book or article upon the first connection.
  3. Just Checking In/Just Because Enotes
  4. Promotions/Discounts/Coupons
  5. FREE Signature Ebooks

This is just the icing on the cake.  Try not to make it just about business, people will be turned off.  Give the Personal Touch!

If your business is not open yet, you can still create an email listing using email campaigns and give your ideal clients updates up until the Launch of your website or Grand Opening of your brick and mortar.  Offer something free for the launch date or invite them to a free grand opening ceremony, where you would offer them free tasting, use of a signature product, free consultation or trial of you service.  There may come that ONE SPECIAL DAY when your ideal client chooses YOU to solve their problems, just because you thought enough of them to Stay in touch.


5 Tips to use while working with a new client, so they are looking for more after the session is over.  Create a Stay in Touch “Addiction!”

You can use Stay in Touch Marketing for your current clients also.  Don’t let them think that you left them out to dry after purchasing your product or service.  Don’t send them packing to your competitor.

  1. Special Gifts during the service they are receiving from you
  2. Motivation and Inspirational Quotes
  3. Free samples of new products/Free trials of new services
  4. Social Media Contest
  5. Private Parties/Events


5 Tips to use when your client’s session has ended and the client chooses not to sign up for the next session.  Create an ‘After Party.’  Keep the gifts coming!

Follow the Stay in Touch list for the prospect.  ADD Special Occasion Ecards or Questionnaires and shower them with lots of Thank You Notes.

  1. Thank You Notes
  2. Special Occasion Cards or Emails
  3. Surveys/Questionnaires about the service you provided, so you can find out how to better serve them in the future
  4. Discounts on New Products Launches
  5. Member ONLY Promotions

Create an automated Stay in Touch Marketing System using a check list or email campaign program.  This way you never miss a beat.

By using a Stay in Touch Marketing system to give, you show that you genuinely care about the problems your ideal clients are experiencing.  You show them that you are indeed the BEST PROBLEM SOLVER in your industry.


 Love is not singular except in syllable.  — Marvin Taylor


Now that’s how we AMPLIFY!!

Amplifying your life and business to new heights.



Take Action:

Create 3 Stay in Touch Marketing Lists:

  • Ideal Clients
  • Current Clients
  • Previous Clients

Now, show them you care.


Share some of your Stay In Touch practices in the comments section below.


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