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The 4 Types of Target Audiences That Subscribe to Your List [And Why You Should Be Worried About Them]

When you give a freebie as an opt-in exchange for your audiences information for list building, the freebie has to solve various needs.  Why?  Because within your audience you have 4 types of followers waiting to be served.  Your freebie should be targeted for all 4 types.

And, when you target the 4 types of audiences, you will receive 4 types of reactions.

Audiences that sign up for your FREEBIE:

  1. Perfect Clients
  2. Not-So-Perfect Clients
  3. Tag-a-longs
  4. Runaways

Perfect Clients

Your perfect clients are those who are ready to buy.  They pretty much made up their mind when they popped up on your website.  Perfect clients just want to get to know you a little bit before committing.  And that ‘one way’ is getting your freebie.

Once they get to know you, it doesn’t take long before they are hitting the buy now button.  They continue to hang around because they absolutely love you…and they are waiting for the next pre-launch deal.  They are loyal and will follow you until the end of time.  The consistent freebies and discounts are how you thank them for staying around.

FREEBIE: It doesn’t take much for your perfect clients to sign on the dotted line when you reach their pain point.  But you better make sure that your products are the best in the industry.  You mess up here…and you will have one angry perfect client.  Refunds from a perfect client are not cool.  Don’t get sloppy!!

Not-So-Perfect Clients

Your not-so-perfect clients aren’t quite ready for the sale.  They aren’t quite sure why they signed up in the first place.  They want to figure you out.  They want to get what you do.  You caught their interest.

See, they have some issues going on that need to be taken care of right away before the purchase.  Issues that you can provide the solution to and move them into the direction of having their problems solved completely.  What you have to figure out is what can you do for your not-so-perfect client RIGHT NOW.

What are their immediate needs?  What is holding them back from the purchase?

When you figure this out, that is when you create the freebie to fill that immediate need.  The amount of freebies and how it is delivered depends upon you, the type of business you run, your business model, and the paid products and services you provide.

Once they get enough freebies to solve their immediate need, they can move on to purchasing your paid product.

FREEBIE: This freebie has to be powerful enough to fill this audiences need to get them to convert to a buyer.  Stop their whining and wishing on the spot.  The first freebie you dish out should be your absolute best work.  Previews of your products work good for this skeptical audience as long as it solves their immediate problem.


These people just like coming along for the ride.  Tag-a-longs like to be with the IN Crowd.  They like mingling, having conversations, being involved in other peoples stuff.  They don’t need you or your products, but they like what you have to say.  They help to keep your followers engaged.  Think of them as the promoters and the commentators of your blog and social media platforms.  They laugh when you laugh, they cry when you cry, and they get mad when you do.

FREEBIE: Keep them happy by asking their opinion on the freebies they receive.  Think of them as the ambassadors for your brand.  Make sure you keep pumping out good stuff so they always have good things to say.


Now, runaways are people who can figure things out for themselves.  They take the freebie and free information and run.  They have the getaway car waiting in the cut.  They don’t need the kitchen sink…just some gaps of information to plug up what they already know.  You provide the “aha moments” in their life and/or their business.  All they need is your blog, a few freebies and they are good.  These people are probably researching a particular subject or their competition [you].

They only need you for a little while.  They slip in and slip out quietly. Runaways don’t have time to mingle with your followers, they won’t comment on your blog, they won’t follow you on the social media platforms. They are not loyal, so you can expect them to unsubscribe soon.

FREEBIE: This freebie should be designed to keep the runaway from running away.  Always keep this type wondering about what is coming next.  Don’t become complacent.  Make sure your newest competition continues to eat your dust.

Knowing your 4 audiences will help you design the right freebie to keep each one around for the long haul.

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15 Responses to The 4 Types of Target Audiences That Subscribe to Your List [And Why You Should Be Worried About Them]

  1. Hey Denise, first time here and loving your info. I may have fallen down the internet rabbit hole reading some posts 🙂 I have a 3 week blogging ecourse as a freebie to help narrow the focus of my list building efforts. Took lots of trial and error to find just the thing to bring in the ideal clients but the effort is so worth it, more of the right customers, less unsubscribes (so I’m imaging less runaways). Over all it’s been a great addition to the business!

  2. Hi Denise! Been thinking a lot recently about creating my first freebie. I would like to make a guided meditation as an mp3 and offer it. I think you know I am a hypnotherapist that specializes in spiritual hypnotherapy, so it seems to make sense to do the guided meditation moving forward. I appreciate the wonderful information you offer through you blog! Many thanks. 🙂

  3. What wonderful insights, Denise. It makes so much sense because I’ve been several of those type of target audiences myself depending on the offer and my actual pain point needs. Love that you wrote about it so clearly.

    I found that when I started offering the first 5 lessons of my new online photo course as my FREEBIE ( and then offering that group of folks an upgrade to the complete course at a discounted rate for 50% off just for opting in, I started getting more loyal followers.

    Absolutely love the way you think. Thanks for breaking it down for me in a way I could understand.

    • You are so welcome Lois!

      There is a lot of trial an error that we have to go through. It’s about finding the right freebie for your audience. Previews to a course always work well. They get to see how you teach, and a little preview.

  4. I’ve never thought of it this way. Great point. I just have one giveaway for everyone. How do you recommend creating the freebie if there are 4 audiences to serve?

      • I absolutely agree Denise. If you can appease the Runaway, the other groups will also be taken care of.

        My latest freebie is a 7 Day Mini-Class to help those who are seeking to have a website developed move through all the Pre-Design elements before they seek the help of a Web Designer/Developer.

        Email courses are a great way to build trust with new subscribers while also allowing you to showcase your expertise + reduces the amount of runaways you might get with a simple pdf download + newsletter updates.

        Even in the event they might not choose to work with me, I know they’ll go into their project with their eyes wide open – which is an awesome side effect of this freebie 😉 I’m bookmarking this future freebies thanks Denise 😉

  5. Great post. Rethinking my freebie has been on my to-do list for a while now. And I love this way of approaching it. Thank you for sharing your expertise here.

    Although my new freebie is still a ways down the list…I’m definitely re-thinking from a new mindset. I’ll keep it on the back burner and let you know how it goes.

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