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The 5 Degrees of Marketing

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Let’s dig deep within the steps of the full marketing process.

You are in for a treat.  This episode will help you to understand why people fail in marketing their products and services.

And…if any one of these steps is missing in your marketing strategy, then you risk losing your business or you will just give up totally.

When you understand the complete marketing process your business will then have a strong foundation to lean on.  The foundation is you.  Soaking in all of the knowledge you can to implement customized marketing strategies for your business only means more abundant living for you.

I love giving free marketing ideas.  So take lots of notes.  We only have 15 minutes to do this!

So, HOP on over to the Denise Marie Radio Show to hear about The 5 Degrees of Marketing.

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4 Responses to The 5 Degrees of Marketing

  1. Great show! I’m a B-School Babe as well! Love Marie Forleo. I love that you emphasized on building a relationship and maintaining it…it’s so important!

    • Thanks Tia,

      I am so glad you enjoyed the show. It’s nice to connect with a fellow B-school Babe.

  2. Wow! I have finally got my FOCUS and WHY back! Listening to the radio show provided me with much information that I had skipped over and frankly missed. It’s always warming to get the warming feel that helps me to re-discover why I want to embark upon my journey to help others.. Yes I am a B- School Babe to!..

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