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The Comfort Zone – Getting UN-Comfortable

Get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

You’ve heard the saying before.

You also heard, ‘Get out of your comfort zone.’

Marketing, for the most part, can seem like an all-day task. It can seem like it’s too much work, especially when you have to concentrate on the important part — Business Development. But without it your business just won’t grow.  You have to spread the word about your business in a way that best suits you…and what may not be comfortable for you.

  • Do you feel that marketing takes too much time away from your life and business?
  • Do you wish that you can develop an easy plan to gain an income that did not involve a great deal of expense?
  • Do you want to network with people who are genuine and not always pushing their product or service on you?

I remember when I ONLY liked to sit behind the computer. I started several businesses, but after the branding phase, I later decided that it was just too much work when it came to promoting.  I was so, so good at business development, but anxiety always kicked in when it was time to spread the word about this great idea I had.  So each business ended as quickly as it began.

It took me years to creep from behind my computer and get out there. I needed to get out, market my business and network to gain leads and referrals. It just had to be done. And when I did, well, I did not do so well.

Why? Because, I did not have any business marketing strategies in place before attending the business networking events where my potential client hung out. It seemed to be dominated by men who were comfortable being aggressive in the networking scene. That is not how I am wired. That is not how WE are wired as women.

Now, I don’t want you to wait years to become comfortable. There is no better time than now — this moment. But don’t fret. As entrepreneurs we will go through the uncomfortable stages together. You will acquire simple marketing techniques that I use every single time to get clients knocking down my door.  No more going to business networking events filled with anxiety. You see, it’s the anxiety that will drive people away from you.

You want to market using your build relationships with being a good listener, intuitive, giving and compassionate. When you network authentically, people will automatically be drawn to you.

Here are a few tips to help you get out of your comfort zone.


Accept what is and be who you are.  For instance, if you an an introvert, and prefer to stick behind the computer, then master internet marketing or creating digital products to sell online.  If you are an extrovert and like getting out into the world, then master marketing techniques such as networking or doing workshops.

Try Something New

Every 3 months pick a new marketing technique that pushes you out of your comfort zone.  For the introverts, try conducting a workshop.  For the extroverts, try your hand at email marketing.

So get out of your comfort goal!  We have a job to do.

Effort only fully releases its reward after a person refuses to quit. — Napoleon Hill


What stops you from getting out of your comfort zone?  Are there any new techniques that you have used help market your business?

Please leave your tips on getting out of your comfort zone in the comments section below.

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