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The “Perfect Client” Check List

The Client Checklist for Marketing Strategies
The Client Checklist for Marketing Strategies

You’ve generated interest within your target audience.

You’ve cultivated strong leads and referrals from your business networking events.  Now, you, the entrepreneur, have your perfect clients begging to take advantage of your products and services. What’s next?

There’s an important step many new small business owners tend to overlook: the client checklist.  It’s your product/services marketing strategy plan for your clients in an easy-to-follow list.  And, it’s essential to have one before you launch your small business.

The client checklist helps you to keep track of your essential items needed to give to your client after the sale.  This makes your business run seamlessly.

No more wondering…

  • Did I have my new client sign the contract?
  • Oh, I forgot to send the newsletter out to Ms. Jones.
  • I wonder if they liked the samples I gave out, I forgot to ask.
  • Maybe I should have sent a thank you eNote.
  • Follow up? A week has already passed.


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Before using an auto-responder, I created checklists for each of my clients.  I numbered the items in the order of how I want them to receive it.  Then I crossed off each item as they occur.  It’s simple, organized and neat and I never miss a beat when it comes to providing my clients with the BEST services I can give.

Now, I use Aweber to make my life and business less complicated.  If I want to send an item that is more personalized, I add it to my client check list and Google Calendar. Note the Perfect Client Check List example below:

  1. Explain your services
  2. Sign the contract
  3. Go over guidelines and accountability.
  4. Send start-up package
  5. Set up the next meeting
  6. Email worksheets
  7. Send a free gift
  8. Schedule the next meeting
  9. Email the next set of worksheets
  10. Email free tools
  11. Make ‘Congratulations’ phone call/or email a card
  12. End of contract
  13. Stay-in-Touch Marketing

As you can see, many of the items on this list require your forethought and attention.  You’ll have to generate the contract, guidelines, worksheets, gifts and tools.


Invest the advance time to put every detail of your business in place before the launch, you will ensure a successful take off!

The results: Your pipeline will always have a continuous flow of perfect clients, through awesome testimonies and referrals.

If you’re attacking your market from multiple positions and your competition isn’t, you have all the advantage and it will show up in your increased success and income — Jay Abraham


Do you have a check list startegy that you already use.  Share the checklists that work for you in the comment section below.


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