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The Ugly Truth About Branding (And the 4 Step Process to Fix it Now!)

Be my firend

Yes, it’s true.  There is a grueling ugly truth about branding you probably haven’t concerned yourself with.

The Ugly Truth: No one is going to buy from you if they aren’t familiar with you!

Revealing who you are to your perfect client is not an easy thing to do.  I so understand how much you want to pump out your products and your services quickly.  It’s the reason you are in business.  To make money!

But it’s not your why…and your perfect client wants to know why you do what you do, who you are and that you are genuinely concerned about them.

With all of the online businesses popping up by the minute, consumers are becoming more and more skeptical about who they purchase from.   Why not make it easy for them?

Become transparent.

You don’t have to give all of the itty bitty details about your life.  Just a few nuggets here and there so your perfect clients can feel like they are sharing this special journey with you.

1.      Know – “We’ve got something in common.”

Pretend you met someone at a party.  Maybe your friend introduced you to this person because she thought the fit was…well, perfect.  You hit it off through a two hour conversation about being a dog lover.  You both decided that you wanted to have a doggy play date.  But, you both don’t know each other well enough to plan the date at your homes.  So, what do you do?

You plan a date at the dog park…it’s safe and fun.

When you meet, the dogs will play and you will chat.

2.      Like – “Me too, I’m so passionate about that.”

Don’t bombard her with your service or product.  You just met.  You are going to talk about the cute little things only your dog can do, her allergies and what she eats.  And then…you are going to let her know how passionate you are about helping dog owners feed healthy organic food to their most precious family member, and in turn, provides a life of longevity. 

3.      Trust – “Expose yourself.  Go ahead, take it all off!”

If the play date goes well, you can stay in touch.  Have weekly hangouts.  Continue to develop a trusting relationship by letting your new friend in.  Change the conversation up a little.  This is the point where you reveal something she doesn’t know about you.  Talk about the time you had to substitute a class of 3 year olds who decided to have a finger paint fight (yes, that really happened to me).  Now she feels like she can trust you because you let her in.

4.      Solution – “I can definitely help you with that.”

Now, that your new friend knows you; likes you; and trusts you, she is interested in providing a healthier lifestyle for her dog.  She wants to learn how to give her dog organic foods…just like you do.  And guess what… you have the ticket to get her there.

You can do this same process with your website, newsletter or social media websites.

Be in the business of relationship building, and the relationships you build will build your business. TWEET THIS


What do you already share with your perfect clients? what platform do you share the tidbits about yourself?  Please share your comments below.


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