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Throw Out Your Business Cards Before You Network!

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Stop wasting your time, energy and money on business cards!

I mean, c’mon, how many business cards have you purchased over the course of being an entrepreneur?  How many times did you have to change your name, phone number or email address, just to keep up with your brand, only to throw away the last 250 business cards you ordered?

Remember the days of just hanging out with your friends just because…

Well, that was networking authentically.  Not once did you hand out a business card to keep in touch.

You shared a common interest.  You made new friends through playing sports, kicking it at the beach or lollygagging in the mall.  And then you grew up.

Now you only hang out [network] with the intention of getting something out of it.

Just be.  Remember who you are and let the branding follow.  Get back to doing what you love…just do more of it!  And the clients will just show up.  They will be attracted to the common interest you share.  Be transparent so they can reveal their problems…and then, you can hit them with your best shot [solution]…subtly of course.

In this episode of the Denise Marie Radio Show find out:

  • Why I refuse to hand out business cards.
  • Why I choose to stop attending business networking events altogether.
  • How to increase your bottom line by NOT giving out your business cards.
  • What you can say to the next person who asks for your business card.
  • Where you can go to connect and attract clients.

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2 Responses to Throw Out Your Business Cards Before You Network!

  1. Thanks for the great post and sharing.
    I believe one of the ways I don’t feel in tune with business cards is because the power of meeting someone and connecting is the very bond that drives one to reach out to one another and although that business cards may have the information, what counts is the connection. I have had business cards in the past to include with my art when selling products as I am an Artist, however now being in all that i am, I feel business cards don’t seem to make sense and aren’t personal enough to me. I am going to save this post and will look to listen to your show at a suitable time. Looks like we are on the same page.
    Blessings to you and it’s so great to have met you!
    Signed up to your newsletter too

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