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Unlock the 5 Secrets to Designing your Perfect Client

Unlock the Secrets to Desigining your Perfect Client

Do you really know why having a target audience is necessary?

Has anyone explained it to you?  Did they just tell you to just apply the concept to your business because that it is how marketing is done?

Having a perfect client can cut your marketing efforts in half.  If you are not selling to everyone, then you don’t have to market to everyone.  Just suppose you were marketing to women.  And that is as far as you went with clarifying who you want to sell to.

So now you are talking to all women who will listen including the single lady who wears skinny jeans and 4 inch heels to the grocery store; the stay-at-home mom of 6 kids who prefers yoga pants, a pink tee and Nike running shoes; or the over 50 something who could not wait to enjoy her empty nest so she could travel around the world.

Whew!  That would be a lot of work.  Can you imagine putting all of that on one flyer or trying to purchase 3 different flyers to pass around?

Your perfect client is desperately in need of something.

And, of course, being the brilliant entrepreneur that you are, you sell it.  Not only do you sell it, you have the best solution in your industry.

There is just one problem.  Your perfect client doesn’t have a clue because you haven’t reached out.  No instead, you are talking to everybody.  Your perfect client is still suffering without a solution to her problem.  And, even though you have the perfect solution, you can’t make the sale.

Designing a perfect client for your business will clarify your marketing message, build credibility, and increase income.

Designing your perfect client is a vital step of relationship marketing.  So how can you narrow down your target audience and design your perfect client?

Yes, you guessed it.  I have a secret.  Well, actually I have 5.  And I will tell you all about it if you come on over to the Denise Marie Radio Show, Unlock the 5 SECRETS to Designing Your Perfect Client.

Thursday, May 9, 2013 at 11pm Eastern [button link=”” color=”pink” newwindow=”yes”] Listen Here[/button]

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I know you are busy (just like me), so my Denise Marie Radio Show is a 15 minute monologue of juicy content.  Just me talking to you.  No backsies!

Can you describe your perfect client right now?  Who is she?  What does she like to do?


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