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Woman Entrepreneur Branding

Most people think of branding as a symbol or logo, or the name of a company, the tagline or catchy slogan.  But it is actually none of these.  And the big corporations know this.  The brand goes so much deeper than what the public sees on the billboards or television commercials.


Branding your business is a promise that you make to your prospects and clients. TWEET THIS


Branding is also the promise that you make to yourself and your company.  Branding is the promise that you must keep throughout the lifetime of your business.

How do I brand as a woman entrepreneur?  Do I need to use the same company branding techniques like the BIG Corporations?

Branding yourself as a women entrepreneur is different than that of a big corporation.  People are going to remember you not by your size, or how many large ads you have in the media, but by WHO YOU ARE.  People do not know who is behind the scenes of the large corporations.  However, people will get to know you as the women entrepreneur.  But, what can you do about branding a small business?

You first must understand that branding is not the logo, the tagline, or the slogan.  It is usually not advertised.  It is a statement that clarifies what you and your company stand for.  It is a 2 to 5 word business statement or MANTRA.

First decide what promise you and your company can keep to your clients.  What do you want to do for them and keep doing over and over again?

  • Service – How can you provide an impeccable service that gives you AWESOME referrals and testimonies?
  • Product – What can your product do for them consistently?
  • Message – Clarify the message you want to send to your target audience.
  • Stay in Touch – How will you follow up or keep them coming back for more?

These are the types of questions you should ask yourself as a women entrepreneur.  People will identify YOU with YOUR BUSINESS.  Branding is the DNA of your business.  Your BRAND is your business stripped down to its very core and YOUR soul.  It is the first BLOCK you use to build.  It is the PROMISE that you choose to KEEP and…when in doubt about who you are and where you want your business to go, this is the place you come back to.  This is the place you come back to when developing a new product or package.  This is the place you come back to when you are struggling.  This is the place you come back to as a reminder day in and day out, why you started your business in the first place.

Make your promise to yourself, your company, your employees, your clients, and your customers.

Next to doing the right thing, the most important thing is to let people know you are doing the right thing — John D. Rockefeller

What will you stand for?


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