Transformation is a Lifetime Pursuit

Once upon a time…

I made a decision that I did not want to conform to the status quo and follow the gurus who tell you to do it this way and then do it that way, only to do it this way again.

I decided that I don’t want my life to be complicated.

I decided I don’t want my business to be complicated. Whoa! Big step.

And, I don’t want to work hard. At least not to the point where there is no enjoyment.

Surprise! In this digital world we live in….we still have choices.

Choices to create an abundant life and still live and do business with simplicity.

I choose to create an environment suitable to be happy for the rest of my life…starting…right now. And, I choose to show my loved ones that it is possible to have what you want without a lot of stuff clouding your mind, polluting your body and intoxicating your soul.

In today’s world its more important than ever to find your rhythm. Find the groove that moves your soul.

How? Start by creating a time-out for yourself to be 5 years old again. Don’t think [too hard]. Just be. Feel. Reflect.

What was it like to dream…again? Dream about what felt good inside. To pretend. Don’t stop. Let it fill you up. Tears.

Now, write it down.  Let it flow. Map it out. Then figure out what has to be subtracted from your life, multiplied in your life, or added to your life to make this [your dream] happen.

I subtracted clutter in all forms [still working on it].

I multiplied my happiness every single day.

I added more space and time to do what I want, when I want.

Now its your turn. Just write 3 things….for now.

Light. Live. Love.

~ Denise Marie