Write Happy Beginnings. Paint a Canvas of Miracles. Live Happy Endings

What if I told you that you could create your own Happy Ending...then bring it to life.

Yes. Just like the fairy tales. There's just one difference. You are the AUTHOR.

Not the Damsel in Distress who is always playing the "woe is me" victim in disguise. Get a grip already!

Not the Villainous Vixen who consistently, without fail, causes chaos and misery just because of some old baggage she is carrying from the past. It's time to let it go...let it go.

Not Prince Charming who always seems to be in the right place at the right time pretending to save the day, but never has a clue. Really?

And, definitely not the Narrator who sits on the sidelines waiting to instigate and mix things up a bit...or a lot.


Creating a space for unlimited possibilities, instead of having it sucked out of you day-by-day. Ouch...that hurts!

Creating a space for miracles to happen. Isn't that what God intended. Uumm, yea.

Creating a space in a future that never, ever involves the past. Yes, it's gone. See ya.

Managing and mastering your emotions so that they work for you...not against you.

Understanding that your emotions are a direct link to your lifestyle and business fulfillment.

That's what I did for myself. And, that's what I want for you.

The Joli workshop guides you into writing Happy Beginnings in 14 facets of your life using your emotions as an energy guide.

Who? It's for aspiring entrepreneurs like yourself.

When? It's on-going. You are welcome to join anytime.

Where? In The Jewel Box Facebook Group.

What's a Jewel Box? We have a very private and intimate Facebook Community. A place to escape the online cliches, the status quo, the marketing mayhem and the usual suspects [you know...the super gurus who tell you to live life and do business in icky ways that makes you feel slimy all over]. It's a place where we provide support, give virtual hugs and cry on virtual shoulders.

How? Together we create everyday gems (tools): relaxing-rituals. healthy-habits, sensible-schedules, simple-systems and marketing-makeovers so that you can create your own signature Happy Ending. I provide on-going life challenges and virtual workshops just for you.

Why? So, you can become a Better You in everything that you do. So, that you can be amazing at the way you live and do business.

What should I bring? Just yourself, your-soul and an open mind. See, I'm a Business, Lifestyle and Holistic Health Coach. I help guide you into creating a self-designed lifestyle that includes Peace, Joy and Happiness.

Oh...and did I mention...it's FREE!

Come join the community in The Jewel Box Facebook Group! Click Join now.

Denise has such brilliant common sense strategies to building a business around the life you want. Her coaching has helped me break through roadblocks in my life and business and simplify them both into that which fits my soul. She's the best! You will come away inspired and excited about the possibilities of creating your own happy ending.