Marketing is letting the world know you exist. Networking is letting someONE know they exist.

Hello, I'm Denise Marie Filmore. My entire site is devoted to, well, you. I write a lot about lifestyle networking, minimalist living, chunks about travel and bits about holistic health. I dip-and-dab in real estate and I have a tiny house addiction. I homeschool my teen who just happens to be gifted with autism. We work and the same time.

I teach aspiring women entrepreneurs, like you, how to create networking hangouts to attract more clients and increase cash flow. I use the minimalist marketing technique so that you can take back your time and use your dream sessions to fuel your life and business.

I do this by designing unique multi-platform and interactive workshops uniquely coded for women. I am bringing back live, intimate workshops to my community where we can thrive by learning, eating, mingling, dancing, hugging, and, yes...crying.

Can't come to the live events. No worries. I still coach online, and the community loves virtual hugs.

My Manifesto.

I believe having the mindset and the awareness of who you are, what you want and where you want to be can change the course of your forever.

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My Brand.

I am a Lifestyle Networking Coach, teaching and mentoring women to make paradigm shifts in their lives simply by making space for abundance to come knocking at their door -- a space that consists of spiritual, mental, emotional, physical, social, financial, vocational growth and 8 other facets of life through live and online workshops in the US. It's life re-designed.

I have a fine arts background and 25+ years of accounting on my everything-that-I-know list. The undercover nerd [right-brain-left-brain kinda girl]. I love marketing, selling, writing, building mini empires and hardly working. I am an eccentric, native New Yorker with class, style and a touch of swag

My Story.

I have a story to share. It's about life...and death. It's about living through the devastating loss of my son (29-years) and my grandson (11-months) caused by a drunk driver. It's about a pain no mother should ever have to experience. But, it happens. And, it happened to me February 2016.

My Heart.

As an autism and homeschool mom, I am devoted to helping parents of special needs children to transform their lifestyle habits for the better good of their family's health and well-being.

My Beliefs.

I believe in Miracles! God is laying out the bricks, paving paths, and pushing boulders to move you in a purposeful direction. Let's move that ego aside and be open for all that fabu-licious-ness that you deserve!

Traveling Mom, Holistic Business Coach, Artist, Occasional Storyteller, Autism Mom Advocate, Elegant Nerd + Full-Time Health Nut.

I'm so happy you found me. Overjoyed really! Let's get to know each other. Browse around and don't be shy. Read my notes and let's have, me and the community.

Let's be remarkable...together!


~Denise Marie